​Autobiographical Personal Statement: 1 page

Autobiographical Personal Statement

Write your own personal narrative. Who are you? What are you passionate about and why? What will you contribute to the world? Present your work clearly and concisely and be sure to include ample background information, childhood influences, cultural identity and most importantly, your intention i.e. life purpose. State your focus early on so all of the other information supports that goal.

Follow this format:
1) 1st paragraph: Introduction, thesis statement (primary life focus/career goal).

2) 2nd paragraph: Background and significance (cultural influences, childhood/ family/ personal history).

3) 3rd paragraph: Conclusion, current and future steps towards fulfilling your plans, long term intention.


1 page double spaced in Times New Roman font size 12. Include a cover page with name, date, and essay title. For quotes, please follow MLA formatting. PLEASE DO NOT GO OVER THE ALLOTTED PAGE LIMIT.