barriers that inhibit systemic change

Hi, I need a 200-250 word discussion post and two 75 word peer replies in around 4-5 hours from now. And the discussion should have at least 1 cited reference. So, below is the detailed topic for the discussion post:

“Barriers That Inhibit Systemic Change:

We have discussed the difficulty most have with change and the value of trust. The sometimes overwhelming challenge of managing systemic change is one of the hallmarks of an effective leader in an educational setting.This work is at least challenging but at most paralyzing. Discuss the concept of change and why most struggle with it. Trust is certainly a factor Discuss some possible strategies that leaders can use to mitigate the struggle”.

I’m attaching the subject textbook written by Fairholm if you want to refer the textbook. The textbook file named as “Politics of Org decision making”.

And for two 75 word peer replies, I have attached a word document named “peer posts” in which you will find peers posts. Review them and write replies.


Let me know if you have any questions.