Behind the Swoosh, business and finance homework help

Nike is one of the largest and most profitable sporting equipment providers in the world, spending millions on celebrity athletic team endorsements.

Former college coach Jim Keady has made a personal mission of exposing Nike corporation’s labor practices around the world. Has he made a difference? Has Nike responded appropriately? You decide.
First follow the steps, then read the bold print at the bottom to complete the assignment.

1) View the video “Behind the Swoosh” ( Think about what his personal motivations might be.

2) Go to the website for Team Sweat, Mr. Keady’s organization to expose conditions of Nike workers worldwide. Think about what sort of person they are hoping to mobilize in support of their efforts. Use the link at #5 below.

3) Go to the website for Nike Responsibility: Impacts ( Click on the link to Labor. Think about Nike’s response to pressure regarding their treatment of workers and contractors.

4) Go to Huffington Post and read the news article: “When will Nike ‘Just Do It’ On the Sweatshop Issue?

5) Go to Facebook and read the post: “TeamSweat”: Note: If you don’t have an account, locate another source of information. Be sure to include your source in your post.

For the post, discuss:

  • Is Nike trying to honestly respond to critics and improve workers’ lives, or just make potential buyers feel better?
  • Does Nike’s CSR website help provide useful information, or simply attempt to divert attention from their labor practices?