Billboard Proposal, writing assignment

In General

3 inches high, by 9 inches wide. Submit as pdf format.

Each assignment should have the course cover page, which includes:

[title of proposal]

[your name]


Billboard Proposal (50 points)

The proposal billboard is a means for you to encapsulate your idea in a brief, quick moment. There should be from three to seven words that lead a reader to “connect” with your proposal, while theone image should be memorable, but not shocking.

The billboard will be drafted using pencil/pen and paper, then moved to a PowerPoint blank slide. The slide billboard should measure 3 inches high, by 9 inches wide. Below the billboard, provide a purpose or reason for the proposal. This billboard proposal will be saved as a PDF file. Use the cover page information above when submitting the assignment for scoring.

Your sketch is not needed when you turn in your pdf. Use one graphic/image that you find online.

example:20150914192448driver_billboard.pdf  20150914192526overwhelmed_billboard.pdf 

2. Wrtie about 250 words about the topic you have chosen for your proposal report. What will be your major areas of discussion to expand beyond the billboard focus. Share with the class your outline topic areas. What techniques will you use for persuasion and credibility? Identify a Subject Matter Expert (SME) that you will be interviewing.(it is due tomorrow)