Borderline Personality Disorder

Below is the outline for the final paper (you can also find this in the syllabus). Please include a subheading for each section so that I know exactly which part you are addressing.

3. Write a 12-page paper addressing the following:

a. Introduce the main characters, themes, and main ideas of the book (2 pages)

b. Address how the writer conveys the symptoms of the mental illness (2 pages).

c. Present a summary of the scholarly literature on the disorder (4 pages)

d. Imagine you are the social worker assigned to work with this client.

Write up a psychosocial assessment (2 pages)

e. What would your treatment plan look like (1page)

f. Conclude your paper with final thoughts and a critical evaluation of the literature.

As you write the treatment plan, please think about what the character (client) would want. As you do this, also think about where the character is in her/his treatment in terms of acceptance and readiness.

If you do not follow the format given then it will result in a lower grade. If you don’t understand something then please don’t hesitate to ask. Please let me know if you have any questions.