Budget case study

Take the position control sheet that is given and create an excel spreadsheet but only use the 50 or so line items detailed and presented in the packet.

Then read the planning information and “apply” the assumptions to the excel table you have created while asking yourself if certain requests or actions are “reasonable” or if you should “apply” some compromise solution. By example, should you do a 2 or 3% across the board annual increase given your strategy and what you think about the plan and budget for the year. Pick a max amount for any merit increase that is reasonable (so probably > the annual increase but I would think less than the 15% that one of the staff is asking for. Do you want doctors to convert to contract or stay salary and if the latter what is a reasonable increase to keep them employed vs. going to contract. You also just need to pay attention to staff that are listed as part-time and for position control purposes it is easiest to budget as FTE to the current part time number. Your goal is to create the new salary total for the budget year based on the base year and salaries given in the Part C packet. Don’t over-complicate this.

Write a brief sentence as to what assumptions your implemented in your numbers like what is the annual % across the board increase you chose and why, what is the max % merit increase you will use and why, what is your policy or preference in employing vs. contracting a doctor and why, etc.