building construction 2


  1. Name four types of specialized concrete.

    1. Concrete is made of several different materials. What is the material that is added to the concrete that creates the adhesive and cohesive properties that help bond to the inert properties?
    2. QUESTION 3
      1. Steel reinforcing bars (rebar) can be added to concrete to give it tensile strength. Name two more materials that the book discusses that can be added to concrete to give it tensile strength.

      QUESTION 4

      1. Pretensioned and posttensioned concrete are great structural advantages in building construction, however on the fire ground they can offer a significant hazard. Discuss one of the dangers created by either pre or posttensioned concrete.

      QUESTION 6

      1. Concrete hardening undergoes a chemical process that uses water and cement to form a microscopic gel that bonds all the components in the concrete. This chemical process is known as_____________________.
      2. QUESTION 8

        1. A slump test is a standardized test that uses a cone-shaped mold and is used to test the ________ of concrete.

        QUESTION 9

        1. Concrete structural components can have fire resistive ratings between 1-4 hours. Name three variables the book discusses that contribute to the fire resistive rating.1._________________________________ , 2. _____________________________, 3. ___________________________

        2. QUESTION 10

          1. Identification of concrete systems can be difficult to identify key components in the construction. Some of the components can often include nonbearing walls and various construction materials that are based solely on architectural basis like glass, aluminum, and EIFS. As a firefighter what are some of the best ways to identify the key structural components of a building using concrete structural components?