BUS202 negotiation and conflict resollution


  • Identify and compare at least five important issues to consider when negotiating with the two countries of your choice.
  • As an example for guide, negotiation takes place in the following possible situations, such as;
  • Choose any one author of negotiation and review his principles of negotiation.
  • Company takeovers and mergers
  • Salary – new job
  • Selling / Supply jobs- homes, machinery, cars etc.
  • Trade union / Workers union – working terms and conditions
  • Foreclosure settlement – failure to repay loans to the bank
  • Between countries – political issues

And many more……

Main Tasks:-

Task 1 Create your own five rules of negotiation when dealing with international parties.

Task 2 Choose any negotiation situation from above or your own based on your preliminary research information. Carry out research and focus on the specific business situation that requires negotiation.

Present your findings related to the following issues;

  • Types of possible issues raised the parties for negotiation
  • Areas of need to prepare when negotiating
  • List five skills needed in this field of negotiation and justify the points.

Task 3 Write a summary and conclusion from the author’s review

Report Format

  1. Title (give your own title page)
  2. Detail of findings (main tasks)
  3. Conclusion (main lesson learnt from the assignment)
  4. Sources of information

Report should not be more than five (5) pages.