Business Analyst Maturity Model – 85% completed

I’ve already completed the assignment, but have some notes back from my professor. I’m not sure where to go from here. Looking for some improvement.

The project will be done individually and submitted individually.Project Grades are individual. The deliverable will be a 5-10 slide PowerPoint deck. You will add speaker notes on the note section of each slide (this is what you would say during a presentation).

The Presentation will consist of:

  • Objective and Context: The objectives of the project and a brief statement of the organizational context for the organization studied
  • Assessment Framework: A description of the factors and scales used to rate each of the aspects of BA Leadership Maturity. Minimum three factors. Each factor should have one or more scales.
  • The Findings: The process used to conduct the assessment and ratings of the organization for the organization studied. Findings should be provided for each factor. You will not provide raw data, only a summary of the findings.
  • Conclusions and Next Steps:Recommendations on steps that can be taken to further improve performance using BA Practices, for the organization studied