Business case report To successfully complete the assessment, your group is required to identify a..

Business case report

To successfully complete the assessment, your group is required to identify a business and the business stakeholder you will be writing the business case for. You might be pitching to an investor or the management of a business.

Identify the business and the stakeholder. It can be:

a.     A business that one of the group members is or has been employed at and therefore knows well. It is a very good option if other members of the group are familiar with a similar business too. It is important that no confidential business information is included in the business case report.

b.     A business that in the public eye, meaning there is a lot of publicly available information about this business

Identify an innovation that your group believes could be reasonably discussed as the subject of the business case. The innovation you choose should have the potential to be developed sustainably over a commercially viable period of time. The suggested innovation must not be implemented by the firm yet. It can be an innovation your team come up with yourselves or something you learned about through any media.

Consider and evaluate the possible business models that could be used to realise the opportunities inherent in the innovation.

Develop the business case document based on the business template provided in class and online. This will require you to write a business case with five separate sections: 1) the problem the innovation can solve; 2) benefits of the innovation; 3) strategic response or plan; 4) project options analysis; and 5) delivery of the recommended solution.

Each group is required to demonstrate both scholarly independence and academic integrity in undertaking all steps of the business case development process. Students are required to base their analyses on data that is reasonably and ethically sourced, and to use assumptions that can be justified in a commercial setting.

Responsibility for structuring, coordinating, and managing processes to finalise the business case lies with each group. Groups are encouraged to work with content beyond Tidd & Bessant (2013) and Osterwalder & Pigneur (2013). Groups must take charge and deliver a business case capable of convincing key or principal stakeholders that a return is assured.

You should have at least 5 refereed journal articles, at least 15 other sources (e.g. statistics, annual reports, industry publications, etc.), appropriate justification or mathematical models (such as, net present value analysis, Wolfram alpha), and business development issues specific to the problem or need expressed. You may utilise appendices to support your business case.