business ethics (task 2)

Task 2

Welcome to Task 2. The Task is an assignment to be completed by utilizing the course content (and any outside sources) pertaining to this Module. Work through the materials, do some research on your own, and complete the assignment.

Please read the following section contained in the textbook:

  • Chapter 2

Please respond to the following review questions:


1. What are stakeholders? How do stakeholders define ethical issues in business?

2. Who are primary stakeholders? Who are secondary stakeholders?

3. Describe the stakeholder interaction model.

4. What is a stakeholder orientation? What three sets of activities comprises a stakeholder orientation?

5. Describe the difference between social responsibility and ethics. What are the four levels of social responsibility?

6. Discuss the concept of corporate citizenship. What are the four interrelated dimensions of corporate citizenship?

7. What is reputation? Why is it important to an organization?

8. Describe the concept of corporate governance. How does strong corporate governance benefit an organization?

9. Describe the shareholder model of corporate governance.

10. Describe the stakeholder model of corporate governance.

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