​Business Memo (1- 1.5 page)


Business Memo

Evaluate Corey Kendall’s Resume (Document 2) based on the job description and announcement provided in Document 1.

  • Base your evaluation on the reading activities, the video presentations, and the PowerPoint presentations presented in this module.
  • Develop a two to three paragraph business memo response discussing at least five (5) total positive and negative attributes of Corey Kendall’s Resume. For the negative aspects, identify how he might improve his work.
  • Use subject-specific terminology from the chapter reading to support your suggestions and/or criticisms.
  • Use technical writing techniques you have learned in the course to develop your memo (short paragraphs, bullet lists, etc. to guide the reader).
  • Once you have completed this assignment, submit your final document in the link provided.
  • Note that you DO NOT have to rewrite the resume. You need only address the points noted above.