– Business Statistics Computer Project – Summer 2018 You are to complete the following project in…

– Business Statistics
Computer Project – Summer 2018
You are to complete the following project in Excel. Each person will be given a sport and two positions for that sport, and you will then create an Excel workbook that will be used to run a set of statistics. Once the statistics have been completed, you will write a one to one and a half page executive summary that will explain the findings.
1.         You must find the information for 25 players for each of the two positions except for Major League Soccer (MLS). If your team is using positions from the MLS, you will have 20 players for each of the two positions.
2.         You cannot repeat teams for any position.  Ex:  If one of your positions is NFL quarterback, you may not choose two quarterbacks from the same team. All quarterbacks must be from different teams.
3.         3. You MUST have the following variables for all players:
a.         Name
b.         Team
c.         Position
d.         Years in the league
e.         Age
f.          Two other variables that are relevant to your sport and/or positions
4.         You MUST have the following statistics:
a.         Measures of central tendency
b.         Measures of spread
c.         Summary of each position and a comparison of the two positions
d.         Inferential statistics (choose what best fits your sport and positions)
5.         You MUST include:
a.         Charts
b.         Graphs
c.         Tables
You should only have charts, graphs, and tables that are relevant to your sport and positions. Do not include extraneous information.
Your executive summary should be double spaced, TNR 12 point font with 1” margins.
You will turn in a hardcopy of:
a.         Cover page
b.         Executive summary
c.         Tables
d.         Graphs
e.         Charts
You will also be required to turn in your Excel workbook on Blackboard. Be sure you have all the correct formulas, etc. as I will check to make sure that you have used appropriate statistics.
You will be required to provide a brief explanation of your findings to the class.
The following sports and positions will be used in the project. I have made the following assignments for each sport:
Basketball       Football           Soccer Baseball

Short stop/2nd baseman