buso analytical memo report

Your company intends to launch a product line of children’s bedding and clothing. Folks
in the Graphic Design Department submitted a design for a cartoon-like character called
“Honey Bear” that would be imprinted on packaging materials. The graphics design
people love Honey Bear, but the marketing staff wants to test the concept. A marketing
survey team conducted interviews outside Babies R Us (with the manager’s permission).
The team set up a display table near the entrance featuring a banner inviting expectant
mothers to inquire about a gift. Each prospective mother who agreed to be interviewed
received a free Honey Bear crib sheet.

Over the course of a week, 76 expectant mothers were interviewed. Of this group 20 were
expecting a first child. We interviewed 42 mothers who were expecting a second child,
and 14 who were expecting a child beyond the second.

The first thing the team did was ask each shopper to describe Honey Bear using the first
word that came to mind. The team discovered that 57 respondents used words such as
“gloomy,” “sleepy,” “depressed,” “inactive,” “uninteresting,” or “boring.” Only 8
shoppers described Honey Bear as “cute,” “lovable,” or “appealing.”

When the team asked the shoppers how to make Honey Bear more attractive, 71 percent
of the respondents suggested showing the bear in more active poses. Another 42 percent
thought he would look better if the colors were brighter. Another significant group (62
percent) suggested that Honey Bear be rounder and more cuddly. The totals equal more
than 100 percent because some interviewees made more than one suggestion.

Your Task. As part of the Marketing Department survey team, prepare a memo report
describing and analyzing your findings. The primary audience for your report is Rachel
Monroe, Vice President, Marketing Department. The secondary audience will be the
Graphic Design Department. From the findings described here, draw conclusions and
make recommendations for modifying Honey Bear. Be sure to include bars or graphs to illustrate your findings. The total report should be 1-2 pages in length.