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These is a copy and paste questions, please put page where do you find it

Go to the InvestorsTab at the top of the PepsiCo, Inc.web site at and retrieve the 2016Annual Report‘Full Report’ in PDF formatNOT the interactive version.


1. Indefinite-lived intangible assets and goodwill are assessed for impairment at least annually, when is this annual assessment performed?

2. What average useful lives does the company use for the depreciation of its property, plant and equipment?

3. What depreciation method does the company use?

4. How much depreciation expense did the company recognize for2016 and 2015?

5. List all types of intangible assets that the company hasreported at the end of 2016.

6. Which of the above intangible assets is the company amortizing?

7. How much amortization expense did the company recognize for 2016 and 2015?

8. What is the projected amortization expense expected to be for 2017?

9. What was the charge to income in connection withthe required annual evaluation for impaired intangible assets for goodwill the years presented?

10. List the names (titles) of the financial statements and the footnotes (by number and name) and any other parts of the annual report used in researching your answer.

Attach the pages of the 2016Annual Report for PepsiCo that you used to answer the above questions.Do not attach additional pages – only the pages used to answer the questions. The pages attached are not your answer rather they are in support of your answers.Students should take note that this assignment can be answered in its entirety with two of Pepsi Co’s financial statement footnotes.