Can someone complete this project by friday at 1pm?

After reading the three scenarios below, choose two and provide the information beneath for the individual(s) needing counseling.The required information should be written as a narrative, using the Roman numerals and bold wording as headings.At least three research articles should be utilized to substantiate the theoretical approach/techniques used in each scenario.At a minimum, the student should include the following for this project:

  • Theoretical Approach(es) for Scenario #?:Identify and discuss the major theory(ies) that you, as the counselor, would use to work with this family and give a rationale for choosing it/them.The approach can be eclectic.
  • Identified Mental Health/Familial Issue #1:Using the information in the scenario, identify the first identified issue and give corroborating information to support this item.
  • Long-Term Goal(s):Identify a long-term goal that addresses the first.
  • Short-term Goals/Objectives:Identify short-term goals and objectives that address the longterm goal(s)
  • Techniques:Identify and discuss the techniques from the theoretical approach(es) to be used with the situation in the scenario.

Repeat this process if there are multiple mental health/familial issues indicated in the scenario