can you answer below question 28

As part of your requirements for reading your chosen leadership book,



you are to create an MS PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.

You should include the following information:

The title and a brief introduction of your selected leadership book (similar to an abstract)

Background information on the author(s)

A description of the major theme of the book

An explanation as to your interest in selecting this particular book for your leadership book review

Describe the main theories and principles (at least five) presented in the book

How each of the theories and principals presented in the book directly relate to being a leader

Show how the theories and principals presented in the book relate to specific leadership standards

Explain how each of the theories and principles presented in the book directly relate to your development as a leader

Closing comments to summarize the theories and principals presented in the book

Your critique of the book as it relates to developing leaders

How could the information you gained through reviewing this book on leadership enhance your knowledge base and development as a leader

Why or why would you recommend this book to your fellow class members

Organization of the Presentation:

Concise in presentation

Sections are clearly identified

Include an agenda slide

10-12 slides

include citations on the slides, have left off speaker notes, and/or failed to include a reference slide.

To clarify, speaker notes are to be entered in the notes section at the bottom of the slides. The speaker notes are not the same thing as what is on the slides. Your slides are only to have bullet points on them (minimal information and no paragraphs), whereas the speaker notes are detailed and are what you will actually say during your presentation. Also, keep the presentation to no more than 12 slides or you will lose points.