Can you write me an essay about a Ted Talk topic?

Once you find a TED talk that inspires you, listen to it carefully and take notes. What are some key points that the speaker discusses? Using that TED talk as your base, write an essay arguing your view on the particular topic. What is your response to the speaker’s overall message? Do you agree or disagree with the speaker’s main point? Why? Assess the validity of the speaker’s arguments through your own research and experience. You may even expand on the speaker’s arguments by presenting your own arguments. In developing your body paragraphs, you need your own evidence and analysis to support your viewpoints. As always, your supporting evidence can be derived from research, personal experience or observation.

Below is a sample TED talk and an essay written by a student:

Link (Links to an external site.) to sample

This is the TED talk that I need to write about: Link (Tim Urban Procrastination)

Page length: 3-4 pages (MLA Format)