capsim simulation game analysis

this assignment is better for if you are familiar to capsim business simulations game

i have done for capsim simulation game for 6 rounds and i have all the result report (also will be attached), According all the reports, it needs to analysis the result and describe (please write 4-5 pages, must have over 1200 words)

(because this is not individual, please use ” we” instead of ” I”) we are in Ferris team (the last one), our company is a sensor company, i will have a guide for you easy to understand

and I have attached a example for how to write this paper (no plagiarism)

please write

1. Introduction and company overview

2. Strategic posture

3. Strategic history of the organization (over the 6 rounds)

4. organizational mission statement and strategic vision

5. Business level strategy

Only need to write this 5

Additional instructions

• All sources of information must be cited.

• Formatting American Psychological Association (APA) academic formatting style for all assignments.

• No information in the analysis may come from a case or case analysis written in any form.