Case Study about Tesla

Hi, I need a paragraph long answers for each questions below! Thanks!

Read the HBS Tesla Motors case and the posted article, “Sorry, Tesla fanboys: The best zero-emissions semi runs on fuel cells”. Answer the following questions in your case note:

1. By using Porter’s five forces framework, analyze the industry structure.

2. In case, it says “Ghosn projected annual sales of 500,000 by 2013, which is the level where he believed the Leaf could be profitable without subsidies. Worldwide sales for 2011 and 2012, however, were only about 21,000 and 26,000 respectively.” Why do you think Nissan Leaf could not meet the expectation?

3. By using Value Chain Analysis, analyze Tesla Motor. Pick three or four most crucial activities. What are the critical sources of competitive advantages of Tesla?

4. In case, it says “In developing the car battery, Tesla made a surprising choice (P.7).” What was surprising? How did this choice make Tesla different from competitors?

5. The semi-truck business is a $30 billion per year industry in the US alone. While Tesla accelerates the introduction of BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) trucks, a new entrepreneurial company, Nikola aims to take this market with an alternative technology, Fuel-Cell. In this technology competition (BEV vs FCEV in the heavy-truck market), who do you think will be a winner? Why?

6. How is Nikola’s business model different from other truck manufacturers? Why is this meaningful?