Case Study: Executive Project – Healthcare Model

With all of the conversation and controversy surrounding healthcare structures and governance, healthcare leaders must articulate a thoughtful position regarding an optimal model of health care that is based on sound research, best practices, and one’s personal philosophy of health care. The model must optimize the quality of care while also balancing financial requirements and organizational sustainability. In this assignment, you will articulate such a model.

The Executive Project requires each student to create a healthcare program centered on enhancing the quality and reducing the cost of care. You should prepare your executive project in a PowerPoint Presentation (ppt) format. Your ppt. should meet these requirements:

  • At least 12 slides in length, not including title, references, table of contents slides. The ideal ppt. content slides length is between 12-18 slides.
  • Include detailed speaker notes of 100 – 150 words impeded in the content slides. The speaker notes are used to assure the presentation is fully documented and self-explanatory.
  • You should utilize a minimum of 10 current and high quality references, five (5) of them are from peer-reviewed articles. References should be published within five years.
  • You should include relevant images, visuals, Voice-over-Powerpoint (VoP), and table/chats to enhance the relevance and content of your ppt.
  • The ppt. should be formatted to meet professional standards and expectations. The use of proper APA formatting and citations is required.
  • Ensure the entire project ppt. content is meeting the academic integrity and writing policy. SafeAssign score should be less 20% not including the references slide.

The Executive Project should include:

Part I:

Goals, Objectives, Scope (organization type, type of services, employees, target market, etc.), Structure, Policy and procedure, etc.).You can choose any healthcare organization and topic as long as you have access to its data and information to help you create this project.

Part II:

Articulate a model of healthcare structure and governance that optimizes the quality of healthcare while also balancing financial and operational requirements and the sustainability of the organization in the long run. Include the following in your model:

  1. A brief statement of your personal philosophy of healthcare.
  2. An articulation of an optimal model of healthcare structure and governance.
  3. A brief rationale for the healthcare model presented above. The rationale should describe how the model optimizes the quality of care and balances that with financial requirements and organizational sustainability.
  4. Assess how best practices in delivering medical care in international healthcare delivery systems can be benchmarked and adapted into the U.S. healthcare delivery system.
  5. A proposal of how the healthcare model articulated above can be operationalized in a real-world setting

Ideas for an Executive Project include:

  • Leadership Development Program
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Program
  • Organizational Effectiveness Program
  • Physician Engagement Program
  • Clinical Innovative Program
  • Patient Satisfaction Program
  • Information Management Systems and Data Analytics Program

This assignment will be graded based on rubrics that integrate the following:

  1. Organization and Formatting (20%).
  2. PPT. Content Coverage (40%)
  3. Speaker Notes (20%)
  4. Grammar & APA Writing Style (20%)

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