Cause and effect essay: how 9/11 affected airport security

must be a point you intend to make about the effect of this movement, issue, or change. What do you want readers to understand, consider, do as a result of reading your essay? Did your studies teach you something particular about the world and your relationship to it? If so, what was that lesson? Why should it matter to your readers?

Please mention the TSA being created

  • Do NOT USE the second person point of view (YOU) for formal essays.
  • Do NOT use slang or contractions (it’s/it is).
  • Follow the guidelines in your Academic Reader (main text) for good Cause/Effect Writing.
  • Review your MLA worksheet and notes.
  • Follow MLA style documentation and in-text citation. This is a required component of this essay and accounts for 10% of this essay grade.
  • This essay should be 500-750 words.