Chapter – 1,2,3 – Impact of Globalization of Information technology

Please submit your final draft of chapters 1,2,3, all preliminary pages, appendices, and references .

90 pages with minimum of 130 references.

Before submitting, you should review Chapter 2 to ensure that it aligns with Chapter 1 and 3. Are all of the variables in your research questions discussed in Chapter 2? Do you have literature in Chapter 2 that supports/justifies your research questions?

Use Grammarly in Microsoft Word to review your assignment before submitting. Grammarly may show areas that you do not think need to be changed.

Review all of your references. Are all references in APA format? Do all in-text citations have an associated reference in the reference list? Do you have references in the reference list that are not cited in the chapters?

Document should be in APA 7 format , write 90 pages with minimum of 130 references.