Chapter #13: Part #1: Discuss following statements in detail: * When building a performance… 1 answer below »

Chapter #13:
Part #1:Discuss following statements in detail: * When building a performance assessment, do you assess only the process and procedure being taught, or the final product or both? Please explain why or why not?* Explain with a brief rationale whether (or not) you prefer keeping repeat the same performance and portfolio assessment each year or you revise it and/or create a new assessment every year.* People always say performance assessments are the hardest assessments to create.State your thoughts on this statement by discussing what you think makes them so difficult and/or so easy to create.* When it comes to authentic assessments, what type of authentic assessments do your students take? For instance, do you use an Individual Student’s Critical-Thinking Disposition Record? Explain.* provide one question for other peer. Chapter #14:

Part #2* How does test anxiety interfere with a student's test performance? Suggest some ways your teaching might address test anxiety. How do you alleviate test anxiety for your students?* In order to give the information and skills they need to perform better on tests’, which do you think is the best way to accomplish this feat?

*provide one question for other peer?