choose a health issue  and create health education program for it.




choose a health issue  and create health education program for it. I talked to the professor about how social media has negatively impacted our mental health. She said it program is gonna be difficult to create so I think about “ how breast cancer can be deterred in early-stage or before it happens” I think is more easier than the first topic because we can create a program with difficulties.

Part 1: Introduction

Health problem

  • Proposed health education program
  • Part 2: Target Audience

Identifying target audience

  • Strategies related to learning
  • Part 3: Needs Assessment

Constructing a needs assessment survey

  • Administering survey to pilot audience
  • Summarizing the results
  • Part 4: Financial Considerations

Resources needs

  • Draft budget
  • Potential funding sources
  • Part 5: Program Plan

Program goals and objectives

  • Outline of educational program
  • Part 6: Implementation

Logic model

  • Social media communications strategy
  • Part 7: Evaluation

Evaluation plan

  • Indicators and data collection methods

There are 3 components to this assignment:

Statement of the health problem


Impact on the individual

Impact on society

Current health statistics of the problem

Proposed health education program

Identify and briefly describe it

What the current evidence-based practices are to address this topic

Projected impact

How the 8 Areas of Responsibility will align with this program