choose between cognitive therapy or humanistic movement

1) One of the contributions attributed to the humanistic movement is that it helped change the way we view therapy. Humanists, such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, referred to their patients as “clients” and empowered them to be fully involved in their own healing and growth. Explain some of the benefits of this seemingly simple adjustment in language to the way we view therapy and our willingness to seek therapy?


(2) Cognitive therapy is based on the idea that distorted thoughts can produce maladaptive behaviors and emotions. Give an example of a maladaptive thought you or a friend has had in the past. What caused this maladaptive thought? How did it influence your emotions or behavior? Based on what you’ve learned about Cognitive therapy, replace this distorted thought with a more realistic thought. What potential changes could this have had in the behavior or emotions you experienced?

350- 400 words