Class Discussion- Social Research & Socialization

1. Social Research – Always good?

Sociology is a social science which is based on the scientific method. This research principle is used in all research that is conducted and should allow for studies to be replicated for validity.

What constitutes bad/poor research based on the reading of the text? Please give examples. Also, what are the societal dangers that occur when the results of poor research of publicized? Please provide a recent example with a source.

Be sure to read through the Chapter 2 text before posting to the message board and refer to the class discussion grading rubric.

The chapter learning objectives for this class discussion are:

  1. Outline and describe the steps in the scientific method.
  2. Summarize the characteristics, advantages, and limitations of the major research designs.
  3. Apply ethical principles to the challenges researchers encounter in conducting research.

2. Socialization

Based on your reading of the text, please discuss what you believe are the two biggest agents of socialization in a current role that you have. What impact do those agents have on your role performance and to what extent do they influence any other roles that you may have?

Please be sure to respond to at least two of your classmate’s post in a meaningful way to forward the discussion on socialization.