clinical decision support system (CDSS)

As a health informatics expert, you have been asked to submit a plan for the implementation of a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for a healthcare organization. You will need to evaluate the advantages of the system and discuss the implementation processes. Approach this implementation from an interdisciplinary perspective, considering all stakeholders affected by the change. Your paper should focus on these important points:

• The challenges and advantages of using a CDSS;

• The roles of the CDSS in patient empowerment, personalized medicine, and consumer-centered data management;

• Relevant laws, regulations, standards, and terminologies for the system compliance;

• Suggestions of the system implementation processes/lifecycles;

• The integration of the CDSS into the hospital workflow; and

• The reliability, affordability, possible outcomes, and future trends of the CDSS.

Requirements of the paper:

APA Format

Cover sheet

6-8 typed pages (excluding the cover sheet and reference pages)

Contains critical analysis and in-depth discussions

Minimum of seven (7) PEER-REVIEWED references less than 5 years old