Community Comments in MyReviewers

For this course, you will be asked to use the MyReviewers program to provide feedback on your peers writing. One function you will be using is the community comments feature.

Community comments are a useful tool for providing feedback around common writing concerns. As you have noticed, there are many community comments available for use.

For this assignment, you will go through the community comments and select three. Once you have done this, explain what the community comment is about with a 1-3 sentence statement. As the main focus of peer review should be on higher order concerns, you are only allowed to select a maximum of one comment from the style and grammar category. In addition, you will be expected to define the community comments in your own words.

How do I find the Community Comments?

To find the Community Comments, log into MyReviewers and select “E-texts” on the left side of the page. Then click “Community Comments.”