Compare/contrast 2 different countriesâ?? (from different continents) political economy. What do you

Compare/contrast 2 different countries’ (from different continents) political economy. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of each; keep in mind the aspect of globalization?Create this in PowerPoint form. Include images, such as the country itself.Include notes in the speaker notes section to avoid the slide being full of text.PowerPoint is a presentation tool, treat this assignment as such.Minimum 10 slides, not counting a title slide and reference slide.Make sure you review the proper PowerPoint formatting guide provided via the link to the right. Resourses to use:Yale Global Online – History of Globalization: is Globalization, Part 1 and Part 2 from Yale Global Online: Governance, including Runaway Globalization without Governance and Global Governance: A Work in Progress from Yale Global Online: is Globalization from Globalization 101: The Global Idea: materials: BUSN419 Campus Course Guide: