complete literacy assignment due tiger

ASSIGNMENT 1: Clinical Field Experience A: Classroom Observations and Data Collection

  1. Part 1: Observation
  • You’ve selected your classroom which may be your own to observe (for the next six weeks)
  • You’ll select one literacy standard as the primary focus for the next six weeks.
  • You’ll observe and document the students’ learning for at least two class periods where the chosen standard is being addressed.
  • You’ll Use pseudonyms for all students throughout this course.
  1. NOW DOCUMENT ON YOUR LWS: “Observation Notes” section of the Literacy Work Sample (LWS):
  • Learning styles observed
  • Literacy strengths and weaknesses
  • Behaviors
  • Challenges
  • Social interactions
  • Distractions
  • Perseverance and motivation
    • Discuss the specific literacy needs of the students in your field experience classroom.
    • Discuss IEP/504, social-emotional needs, previous assessment data, strategies that have previously been used with the student, etc.
    • Choose a small group of 3-5 students needing literacy support as your focus for the rest of this course. Collaborate with your mentor to discuss student strengths and any concerns you may have observed.
    • Complete the “Mentor Discussion Summary” section of the LWS.

Part 2: Mentoring (with your mentor)

  1. Choose a teacher within the school to provide literacy support throughout this course. (maybe a first/second year teacher)
    • Observe your mentee teacher teaching a literacy skill to students and collaborate with him or her to determine a small group of struggling students who need extra literacy support.
    • Discuss any similarities or differences between your students and the mentee’s students, as well as the importance of observation. Plan together how to move forward in assisting these students.
    • Complete the “Mentee Discussion Summary” section of the LWS.

Now in the “Reflection” section of the LWS, write a 250-500 word explanation of your understanding of learning theory, human development, cultural diversity, and individual differences and how each affect ongoing planning based on your observations and discussions.

Support your reflection with 2-3 scholarly resources