Complete Literature Review for Criminal Justice Course (CAPELLA)

Literature Review

Competency Alignment

This assignment has been designed to facilitate your understanding of the following course competencies:

  • Evaluate criminal justice leadership and organizational policies and practices using theoretical frameworks.
  • Analyze ethical practices within political, social, economic, and ideological contexts.
  • Apply principles of diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Integrate current, relevant, peer-reviewed academic research and literature.
  • Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with the expectations for members of the criminal justice profession.


In the Unit 4 assignment, you identified a problem affecting criminal justice leadership, a criminal justice organization, and/or organizational policies and practices using theoretical frameworks and provided an analysis of the problem’s background. In this second component of your final project, use research to build a deeper understanding of the problem by writing a literature review including at least 10 peer-reviewed resources published within the last 3–5 years. The research you conduct will assist in the development of a theoretical framework for the identified problem. As part of your literature review, evaluate the effectiveness of theories in explaining the problem that is affecting the criminal justice system.

In your assignment, be sure to address the following critical elements, which align with the grading criteria:

  • Evaluate a theoretical framework to determine appropriateness to the criminal justice leadership and organizational policies and practices.
  • Articulate with empirical support how issues of diversity and inclusiveness can be intertwined with the problem that you identified.
  • Synthesize current, relevant, peer-reviewed academic research to uncover various ethical drivers and pressures related to the problem or issue within criminal justice.

Writing Requirements

  • Length: At least 6 double-spaced pages (excluding the cover page and references list). Include page numbers, headings, and running header.
  • References: At least 10 peer-reviewed resources formatted following APA guidelines. Note: You must analyze current, relevant, peer-reviewed academic research articles that examine the identified elements and that have been published within the past 3–5 years.
  • Formatting: Use correct APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.
  • Font size and type: Times New Roman, 12 point.

A scoring rubric communicates expectations of quality around assignment tasks. Be sure to review the Literature Review Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

Submit your work to Smarthinking, and include a copy of the feedback you receive as an attachment in the assignment area.