Computer Security and Cryptography, writing homework help

  • Classify each of the following as a violation of confidentiality, of integrity, of availability, or of some combination thereof.
  • Carry out your own research and answer the following questions.
  • There are at least five basic types of firewalls and these can be classified by technology and by intended application. Below are some of these types of firewalls
  • Describe the following methods of attack to a computer system
  • Eve installs firesheep and hijacks Alice’s Facebook session. She reads Bob’s messages to Alice and sends a response.(2 marks)
  • Julia hacks the website of and adds a message in support of wikileaks.(2 marks)
  • Claire installs a sniffer and captures her office mate’s traffic. (2 marks)
  • Alex posts a message on 4chan, a popular online forum, asking people to visit the website at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Nick pretends to be a system administrator and calls Ellen from human resources at his company, to ask for her password. He then logs in as Ellen and increases his salary by 20 percent.(2 marks)
  • Ann mounts a man-in-the-middle attack by ARP spoofing and redirects all traffic at her student house through her own computer.(2 marks)
  • Explain any four roles of a firewall in an organization’s private network.(4 marks)
  • Describe any four types of firewalls.(8 marks)
  • Exhaustive password(2 marks)
  • Probable password(2 marks)

Coercion (2 marks)

Answer each question correctly and exhaustively.