Conduct a life Review and write 3 reflective statements

1. conduct a Life Review with an older adult (attached document), understand the
significance of the individual’s life story, identify possible legacies and
their importance to the older adult, and describe the degree of ego integrity
reached by the older adult. You will also reflect upon the process of
conducting a Life Review.

2. Write 3 reflective statements about your feelings after doing the life review interview.
Record three different/separate reflective statements about
the interview as soon as possible after its completion. You will expand upon
your reflection in your final paper during Week 4. Only record your personal reflections, not
what your interviewee said or felt!
. How did you feel about the
conversation? Did it cause you to think about how you or your loved ones are
aging? Any changes you might want to make in your lifestyle? Parts of the
interview that were particularly significant or upsetting to you? These are
some examples of reflective statements, however you may have others as well.

APA Format is used. Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar are used