correctional policy final 5

5-7 sentences each questions. exam questions. so timer is ticking.

1.What are the differences between a close institution, and a open one.? Be very specific in your answers. What are some of the subcultural values that may affect the staff in a prison setting? Be specific. Define other issues that may affect the staff in the performance of their duties.

2.Define in detail what is meant by the” Hands Off Doctrine”. Define in detail the principal of ” Habeas Corpus”. In regard to a inmates rights, what does the “deliberate indifference standard” entail?

3.In your opinion does rehabilitation work? Why or Why not? Be specific. What does the “medical model” view crime as? How are offenders risks and needs assessed? Explain in detail.

4.What type of problems are female inmates more likely to have than male inmates? Define in detail some of the employment problems females may incur to become correctional officers. How does Race play a factor in the criminal justice system and corrections? Corrections magazine

5.Define the concept of “Parens Patriae? When and where was the first juvenile court established? What was its primary purpose? For juveniles what were the major rights established in the landmark case : In Re Gault 1967”? Define in detail “Kent V. United States 1966 ruling. What were its major implications?