use this instructors down

let the SOWT analysis for the restaurant in one word file and the five processes in other word file.

this is the E-mail from the professor

Regarding Porter’s 5 Forces…please provide at least paragraph or two about each ‘force’ in order for me to know you understand the principles associated with this concept. As I have stated, the SWOT and/or Porter’s are the foundational to understanding a businesses environmental situation. Providing an example would be a good idea to prove your knowledge. Plus explain why these are important and how would they be used by the businesses’ leaders.

And……………please re-work your SWOT’s from last week (local business that you selected) and re-submit. Please do everything in your power to make them as ‘objective’ with fact based explanations or rationale. Remember that a statement under STRENGTHS that says “our establishment has great service” is an opinion (not a fact based statement). The goal for SWOT is to have a document or tool that the business can utilize by providing a realistic assessment (of their position).