coun4 discussion 4 perception resilience and amp stress management due 23 17 59

Discussion #4: Perception, Resilience, and & Stress Management

It is important to understand how our perception of self and situations can cause stress.

During our class meeting I discussed resilience and the three ways we can overcome life adversities. I learned this after watching TED TALK The three secrets of resilient people by Lucy Hone.

1) Acceptance/Acknowledgment of the situation as part of life

  • life happens, suffering is part of every part of human experience

2) Selectional Attention

  • focus on things you can change, accept the things that you can’t
  • Tune in to the good, positive things
  • Think of things you are grateful

3) Is what you are doing helping or harming you?

  • control over situation
  • be kind to yourself

In the discussion share, what are three things you can do to have a more positive perception of yourself and life situations? How can resilience help us overcome adverse life situations? Do you feel Lucy Hone’s strategies have helped you overcome resilience in your life?

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