Course Bibliography

Assignment:To wrap up your work in English 102, you will
submit a full course bibliography that collects the Works Cited entries for all
of the research and reading you did throughout this course.

That includes both
the readings you were assigned in class (which everyone completed) and the
reading that you did as part of your research, whether or not you ended up
using that source in your final research paper.

You have already written most of
these citations, either in our citation exercises at the beginning of the term
or as part of your research. Your task now is to edit these citations, making
sure that they are completely correct in MLA style, and to compile them into
one document, properly formatted and alphabetized.

This is NOT an annotated
bibliography.You do NOT need to write source summaries or analysis. This
assignment does NOT include a listof quotations. All you need is a list of
Works Cited entries in proper MLA format.