Course Revisions and Evaluation Report

Course Revisions and Evaluation Report

 This week you will finalize your two-module online course based on the feedback you received last week in the peer review activity. In addition, you will write a Course Self-Evaluation Report.

Complete Course Revisions

Based on the feedback you received from your peer using the QOLT Online Course Evaluation Rubric, make any revisions you feel necessary to improve your course….Will provide once received

Compete an Online Course Self-Evaluation 

As you evaluate your own course, step back and think about best practices you have learned throughout the specialization when developing an online course. 

Next you will thoroughly evaluate the online course you have developed throughout this specialization. The Week Six Online Course Self-Evaluation will consist of a 10- page (not including title page and appendix) review that includes the following components:

Part 1: General Discussion of Online Course Design and Development
Discuss the basic design and development process you used to put the course online. Describe your thought process as you built your course.

 Describe the strategies you used to help ensure student success in your online class, including ways to support learners new to the online environment.

 Describe the materials and activities you used that contribute to an engaging online learning experience that supports critical thinking.

 Describe the strategies you used to support community and relationship building.

Part 2: Summary of the Peer- and Self-Review Process
Discuss your experience in evaluating someone else’s course. What did you learn from your colleague’s course? What ideas did you want to add to your own design repertoire? What about the course did you feel could have been improved?

 Summarize the QOLT evaluation findings of your course provided by your peer and describe the changes you made to your own course based on that review. 

 Include QOLT rubric you completed of your peer’s course in an Appendix.

Part 3: Revisions to and Summary of Your Final Course 
Based on the feedback you received last week and the self-evaluation you’ve just completed, apply any necessary revisions to your course to improve the overall quality.Your course should:  Be organized and easy to navigate Contain two complete learning modules Evoke a warm and welcoming learning environment Contain engaging activities that support critical thinking

 Provide a summary of the revisions you have made

 Provide a summary of your final course and why it will provide a quality learning experience for your students

 Provide a link to your revised final course