covid 19 research question

I will be writing my essay on ho COVID-19 is affecting the economy and population. My question is how will people gain money and how will businesses stay open? In my essay, I will be discussing how businesses, like restaurants, bars, salons, and clubs will be affected. Due to this tragic time, a lot of small and large businesses have lost clientele and are struggling with paying bills.

Submit a 3 page research paper and include the following elements. Also see formatting requirements below.

1. Introduction: Research question and its relevance to the chapter you chose.

2, Methods and Resources: Using a triangulated methodology, present evidence collected regarding your research question. This section can include graphics found, quotes from primary and secondary sources, newspaper articles (online or print), video links and interviews, or whatever other methods you used. Make sure at least one of your quotes is from the text and show the quote relevance to your research question and connection to the other resources you are using. There must be at least 3 sources.

3. Conclusion: Present the answer to your research question using the resources in part 2


a) Font Arial or times new roman

b) 12 pt

c) margins 1″ on all sides, not including title or footnotes


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