create a powerpoint 13

for this assignment you will create a powerpoint, where you must use graphs to make your point. The topic should be on construction trends.

“Create a powerpoint, where you must use graphs to make your point“.

Create a Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation with Graphs

  1. 6 Slides
    1. Title Slide
    2. Intro slide
    3. 3 Slides with Graphs
    4. Summary/Conclusion Slide
  1. Good organization:
    1. Intro topic
    2. Tell the Topic
    3. Summary slide at the end
  1. Backgrounds and fonts
    1. Visible to audience (font size, contrast with background)
    2. Engaging
    3. Outline format — just “bullets” (avoid long sentences)
  1. Graphs
    1. Relevant information that supports your objective/argument
    2. Graph Titles that instantly tell the viewer what the graph “means”. I should be able to read the title and know what the graph is telling me. Then, I can see the graph and “get it”.
    3. Fonts should be increased so that they are readable. Typically 16 is the smallest that people can see at a live presentation. Often times, the defaults in Powerpoint are much smaller, so you will have to adjust them!
    4. Use the appropriate Chart Type to best convey your information. Usually, the following is a good guideline:
      1. Pie Graphs are good for showing proportions
      2. Bar Graphs are good for showing comparisons between different categories and for showing change over time
  • Line charts are good when you have lots of different categories OR you are trying to show trends
  1. You can use other types (there are about 10 different chart types, but the 3 above are the bread and butter ones that will work most easily