Create a stakeholder map for higher education providing a visual representation of the internal and external stakeholders and narrative statements discussing these stakeholder perspectives in more detail.

Critical Elements to Address:

I. Internal and External Stakeholders
a. Recommend internal and external stakeholders to participate in the crafting of the policy and what their roles will be in the crafting of the policy. You might also consider the possible impacts of the policy: Which internal and external stakeholdersshould be invited to attend? What are the roles of the internal and external stakeholders?

b. Integrate the perspective of a higher education professional as discussed in your one-to-one interview with a professional regarding the state, federal, and institutional policies believed to have the greatest impact on students’ access and success.

c. Create a stakeholder map using a power interest grid of internal and external stakeholders. Describe these stakeholder populations in more detail and rank those that you believe will have the most influence on the decision to enact the policy, will be most negatively affected by the policy’s implementation, and will have the most to gain from the policy’s implementation.

d. This critical element will require a minimum of one to two pages following APA format.

II. Action Plan and Additional Resource

a. Design an action plan that will result in necessary responses from internal and external stakeholders to the implementation of the policy. Basedon possible consequences of the implementation of policy, you might consider predicting potential responses from stakeholders. In preparationfor these responses, what are some proactive strategies that could impact future decision making regarding the implementation of policy?

b. Describe additional resources, for and from internal and external stakeholders, that the institution will need to provide and identify based onimplementation of the policy. Consider comparing and contrasting the original policy, as depicted within the mission and vision, and the newpolicy. What are some of the justifications for the additional resources?

c. Describe how you might work with internal and external stakeholders to implement the policy most effectively. Develop specific steps that youwill take, including proactive strategies you may take to work with stakeholders. Create an outline for a communications plan to meet the needsof these stakeholders.

d. This critical element will require a minimum of one to two pages following APA format.

III. Institutional Impacts

a. Analyze the impact of institutional operations for increasing enrollment, retention, and completion through implementation of this policy.

b. Describe how institutional operations may need to adjust to meet the policy requirements. Provide a minimum of three examples of areas ofinstitutional operation that may be affected. Predict how your proposed policy will impact internal institutional stakeholders and consider how these stakeholders will respond to the policy given their roles in policy implementation. Compose two to three responses that you may consider using when discussing the policy outcomes with those stakeholders.

c. This critical element will require a minimum of one to two pages following APA format.