Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Course-to-Course Navigation Unit II Essay

When writing a “how to” article, creative thinking is vital. The

instructions are simple as they require you to create the magazine

article for employee encouragement. You can be very creative on this

assignment; however, make sure that you follow the objectives and APA is

used. For the discussion question, choose a bad habit that really

strikes your interest and explain the behavior. Creative thinking is

used as you create a strategy to encourage employees to change this



discussion question may appear extensive, but quite simple. Take a

look at what is required and respond to it substantially. This

discussion should spark a lot of conversations. We have all head of

blogs, but do we really know what they are and the purpose they serve?

The Unit II Project requires that you write a blog for a specific

audience (refer to Chapters 2 and 4 in your text). There are five

conditions (bullets) that must be met; make sure that you respond to

each of them.