crij 3316 critical writing assignment bombs

Often additional tools are needed to help responding officers determine if an explosive threat truly exists. Some methods are low-tech, while other techniques employ highly advanced equipment and technology. Even before responding to a bombing, investigators are plagued with difficulties such as lack of witnesses and difficultly in interpreting modus operandi because of the destruction of evidence that comes with bombing criminal events. Using the list below choose two offenders and compare and contrast them using the question prompts. Your paper should include material from the textbook but also must include at least two peer-reviewed sources. Paper must be a minimum and no more than at least four full pages double-spaced not including the title or citation pages. Must use APA for citation.

  • Oklahoma City bomber: Timothy McVeigh
  • Unabomber: Theodore Kaczynski
  • Atlanta Olympic and Abortion Clinic bomber: Eric Rudolph
  • Mad Bomber: George Metesky
  • Courthouse Bomber: Donny Love

All questions below must be answered or discussed in some way throughout the paper.

  • What were the motives/intent of each offender and how did they differ?
  • What type of device did the offender use in each event?
  • What were some of the difficulties that investigators had with each case that comes from processing a bombing crime scene?
  • Do you believe there was anything more that could have been done by investigators in terms of preventative measures before the crimes occurred or at least after the first attack?

APA requirements

    • Paper must be typed & numbered.
    • Paper must be 4 pages in length.
    • Paper should adhere to A.P.A format.
    • Do not use secondary citations (i.e., a citation that was in one of your readings, but you never actually read the original research). Do not cite by summarizing one reading, then another, then another, etc. Instead, you need to integrate the citations into your essay.
    • This is a scholarly paper. Avoid using “I” (or other pronouns).
    • The paper must include a title.
    • The paper must include an introduction paragraph that should grab the reader’s attention and state the thesis of the paper.
      • Ex. The purpose of this paper is to ….
    • The paper must include supporting paragraphs.
      • Do not use long quotes.
      • Break up paragraphs so that one paragraph does not go one for a whole page.
      • **Be sure to cite authors in your paragraphs.
    • The paper must include a conclusion paragraph.
      • Ex. In conclusion, this paper presented….