Criminal Justice Ethics / 10 questions

Answers have to be at least a few sentences long. 

1.  Describe how other ethical systems define what is moral- specifically, ethics of virtue, natural law, religion, and ethics of care.

2. Describe the steps in analyzing an ethical dilemma.

3. Describe the ethical issues faced by prosecutors and defense attorneys.

4. Provide justification for police power and the basic ethical standards that derive from this justification and what are the ethical issues involved in proactive & reactive investigations?

5. Under corrective justice, distinguish between substantive and procedural justice.

6. Describe the types of misconduct by community corrections professionals and provide some of the explanations for this misconduct.

7. What are the principles of ethical decision making?

8. Discuss three of the five types of police misconduct, with examples of each type.

9. What steps should organizational leaders take to encourage ethical decision making on the part of employees?

10. What are the elements of any ethical system?