Critical Listening Song Analysis no 1 (Links to an external site.)

Critical listening is a priority for this course.


Include the following in your essay:

Song title

Composer and Style Period

Name of Performing Artist/Orchestra or Group

Include the number of times you listened to the piece

Give specific descriptions/observations of the selected five topics below – (refer to Elements of Music in your textbook). Use music terminology correctly. You may need to research the Internet for data. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE someone else’s words! An anti-plagiarism program will be used. Be thorough and use complete sentences, not buttons.

Type five well-written paragraphs for the Five topics listed below (4 pts each):

1) INSTRUMENTS AND PERFORMANCE: Identify and spell correctly the instruments used, perhaps their priority to the piece, as well as anything remarkable about the performance, ie. techniques, virtuosity, etc.

2) SOUND: Including use of dynamics, overall major or minor key, emotions evoked, was timbre(s)/tone color a priority? (paragraph).

3) RHYTHM: Including meter(s), tempo(s), beat, retardation and acceleration, pausing & stops, pattern(s), contributing instruments, was rhythm a priority? (paragraph).

4) MELODY: Including contributing instrument(s) to melody, climax, shape, range, themes, motives, form, syncopation, virtuosity, was melody a priority? (paragraph).

5) HARMONY: Including contributing instrument(s) as accompaniment for the melody, texture(s), chords, consonance/dissonance, tension – release, was harmony a priority? (paragraph).

Optional 2 pts Extra Credit: Offer a short piece of trivia or fun facts that pertain to either the song, composer, or performers.