Typed, accurately spelled, grammatically correct and formal essay style. Start with an introduction paragraph introducing the topic, and end with a conclusion/summary paragraph. Use a title page, abstract page, and a running header. Attach reference list using APA format. Cite references in the body of the paper using APA format.


Discuss your personal beliefs/practices regarding the following:

What is your definition of health? What health promotion practices do you practice?

What do you believe is/are the cause(s) of illness? (physical illness, mental illness, genetic defects, etc.)

How you manage symptoms when they arise and when do you seek care? (pain, dyspnea, nausea/vomiting, constipation/diarrhea, fatigue, depression)

Do you use any home or folk remedies? Did your parents or grandparents use any home or folk remedies?

What are your personal beliefs/practices regarding food? (usual meal pattern, food beliefs & rituals, usual diet, food prohibitions, food prescriptions during illness)

How would you describe communication patterns in your family? (Language, non-verbal communication, greetings, orientation toward time, tone of voice, privacy, decision-making, gender issues, family relationship structure, expectations of children, decision making, etc.)

What birth and death rituals do you practice in your family? (Pregnancy care, labor practices, role of laboring woman, role of father, type of delivery, breastfeeding, birth recuperation, circumcision, etc.)(Preparation of body, home vs. hospital, special needs, care of the body, attitudes toward organ donation/autopsy)

How are the elderly cared for in your family?

What are your usual religious/spiritual practices? How do your spiritual beliefs apply to your health?


Identify what culture, religion and ethnicity you predominantly identify with (three separate items). Research what your textbook and at least one internet source says about your culture, religion, and ethnicity. Discuss 2 ways where your beliefs/practices are similar to what is written about your culture/religion/ethnicity. Discuss 2 ways where your beliefs/practices are different. (Discuss is more than list – this is comparing and contrasting which is analysis). Cite references. This is not comparing your culture to a different culture – it is comparing your actual cultural beliefs to those written about your culture in references.


Discuss two patients you have taken care of in the past who had different ethnicities/cultural beliefs than you. Briefly introduce these patients, discuss these differences and identify any potential cultural biases that might have impacted your ability to care for these clients in a non-judgmental manner or made it difficult to care for them in a non-judgmental manner. It does not mean that you did not take care of them in a non-judgmental manner. If you have no experience taking care of patients in the past with different ethnicities/cultural beliefs, you can substitute this area with the following:  Look up 2 cultures that are interesting to you and briefly discuss the differences with your cultural beliefs and identify any potential cultural biases that might impact your ability to care for these patients in a non-judgmental manner. At least one paragraph each.