Data Analytics Question


Read the chapter titled “Self Management” the chapter will be attached it will be around 20 pages. A reflective writing that details your thoughts and feelings about the material you have read. Describe what you have learned from the chapter and how you might apply it in your life. Also, how did you feel about the content did it enlighten you? Was it not
very helpful? Was it interesting? How will you use it to improve your interactions with others?

The reflective writing should be at least 5 pages at 1.5 spacing with 1inch margins. It will
be graded using this rubric:

SelfAssessment Project Rubrics:
Each of the following categories is worth 25points:
How well you followed the directions
Quality, thoroughness and readability of the written document
Demonstrate an understanding of why this material is useful on a personal as well as
professional level
Grammar and basic command of the language

Please read all instruction thoroughly and do everything that is asked, if work is good, good tip!

Thanks and good luck!