DEBATE Re-write: Were Rolling Stone right to put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on their cove

I really NEED you on this one. Can I get this by midnight tonight? There is a STRICT 800 word count limit on the actual debate. References/Footnotes do not count.

This needs to be re-written and the argument re-focused to make this a great debate. My answer to the question really should be Rolling Stone was wrong to use shock value to sell magazines and cheaply grab attention, but from a journalistic standpoint should be allowed to report the story.

Rewrite: Rolling Stone Debate.doc 

The intro and ending do not pack enough punch. The body repeats itself too much. This should be direct yet eloquent and profound. I want every line to grab attention.

Here are some examples of some ideas you can use for the debate:

Some things to think about.docx 

Please add one of these videos in the debate and PLEASE include the last line of the Breaking The Set video. I think that is powerful. 

Breaking The Set:

Whichever video you don’t add, maybe feature some of the lines said in the debate.

Example of a really good debate that strongly takes a side, answers the debate question but objectively looks at the other side too. Debate Example 3.docx