Describe a psychoanalytic developmental model of mind highlighting the contributions of a key psychoanalytic figure

Describe a psychoanalytic developmental model of mind highlighting the contributions of a key psychoanalytic figure

—– Hi, I would like to choose Melanie Klein’s psychoanalytic developmental model of mind in this essay (Melanie Klein extended and developed Sigmund Freud’s understanding). And this module is called Psychoanalytic Perspectives of Infancy and Early Childhood, thus you may like to provide the examples that would linking to babies, children and young people. Please use Harvard style for the referencing (need around 15 references in total). And thanks in advance!!!

2000 words

Further guidance:

Models what might a model be?

The outline guidance suggests you draw upon the key themes introduced in the early part of the module to present a psychoanalytic understanding the development of mind.

This assignment involves describing a psychoanalytic developmental model of mind with reference to the theoretical contribution of a particular individual. Three examples are given:

  • Sigmund Freud,
  • Jacques Lacan,
  • Melanie Klein

In each case aim to identify ways in which the model aids the understanding of how minds develop over time and/or how states of mind can be understood.

Thinking about how to draw upon the theory developed by Sigmund Freud does have its challenges. There is an introductory lecture and then 2 further lectures on the theoretical contributions of Freud. You will not be able to include all that is introduced in these lectures. What particular theoretical contribution could form the central basis for a first essay that focuses on Freud’s contribution? Although not an exhaustive list the possibilities include:

I. The affect trauma model

II. The structural model of mind

III. Psychosexual stages of development

What else to consider?

Including observations from placement is something that students could do for essay 1 but it is by no means required. The point of this suggestion is to encourage students to think about how the theory presented in the lectures relates to babies, children and young people, more broadly to people, in the real world.

If any students have experience of seeing/being with babies, children and young people they are encouraged to attempt to make connections between what they have experienced and the theoretical ideas presented in lectures. You may have come across babies, children or young people in places other than a formal placement, they may even be media representations that you feel you can draw upon as illustrative of the theory presented. Ultimately if making those connections feel too daunting than students can focus on writing a good well referenced descriptive account of a psychoanalytic model of mind.

Remember it is an academic essay so wider reading and then referencing your reading is required but you are encouraged to write in the first person.

——- I have attached the Powerpoints which are related to Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein’s theory. Also, I have attached an reading called ‘The Paranoid Schizoid Position by Betty Joseph’ which is taken from the book introducing Psychoanalysis edited by Budd and Rusbridger, and it will be a helpful reference when focusing on the Kleinian Model of mind in this essay. THANK YOU!